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The objective of this game is to move all cards into the foundations. One unique feature of this game is the building of the reserve, which is not used until the entire stock runs out.
Click the talon to deal one card to each tableau column.
The 4 leftmost foundations accept cards of the same suit in the order from ace to king. The next 4 accepts cards in the same suit from king to ace. Uncovered end cards of the tableau columns are available for building onto foundations only. Empty spaces are not filled.
When all cards have been dealt out, the cards in the two reserve columns are turned faces up. Any card in these columns can be moved into the foundations.
When no moves are possible, tapping on the empty deck will collect all cards from tableau into the deck. 4 redeals are allowed. After the final redeal, no cards are dealt to the reserve columns.

This image is a schematic representation, not a screenshot from the game. Screenshots are platform specific. You can see screenshots in the store.

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