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Cribbage Shuffle

At game start 25 cards are dealt to the tableau piles. Swap any 2 cards on the tableau to maximize your score. Each row and each column forms a hand. Scoring is based on unique combinations of cards in the hand:

"Pair" - two cards of the same rank - 2. "Pair Royal" - three cards of the same rank - 6. "Double Pair Royal" - four cards of the same rank - 12. "Run" - each combination of three or more cards in sequence - 1 per card. "Flush" - four/five cards of the same suit in the Hand - 1 per card. "Fifteen" - two or more cards that total fifteen - 2.

You win if your score reaches 120 points. To win the next games to break the record.

This image is a schematic representation, not a screenshot from the game. Screenshots are platform specific. You can see screenshots in the store.

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