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The object of the game is to get a score of 700 or more. The game uses the standard desk without Joker, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (24 cards). The game is played by dealing a set of five cards. Cards can be removed and replaced with more cards from the deck by tap on the cards you want to keep and then tap the desk. The cards can be dealt three times in a turn, after which a score must be chosen, even if this results in a score of zero for the turn. Scores are recorded in the score table in 13 different positions. The first six positions score the total value of the cards that match the position name (Ace = 14). If the total of the first six positions is 150 or more, then an additional bonus of 70 is awarded. The other seven positions score as follows:
2 of Kind scores total of all cards;
3 of Kind scores total of all cards;
Short Run (of 4 cards) scores 50 points;
Long Run (of 5 cards) scores 70 points;
Full House (3 of kind + pair) scores 80 points;
Pohtzee (4 of a kind) scores 100 points;
Chance (any cards) always scores total of all cards.

This image is a schematic representation, not a screenshot from the game. Screenshots are platform specific. You can see screenshots in the store.

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